Four Reasons Why Video Games Should Not Be Made into Movies

Published on August 16, 2022

There is a growing trend to turn video games into movies. Unfortunately, the tendency is to stick to the game version without the interaction of gaming, often leaving audiences cold and critics unimpressed. We took a look at four of the highest-rated movies made from games and are inclined to agree. Here is our selection, all released in 2021 or 2022, sans any cartoons, especially for an adult audience.

Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a comedy horror released in 2021. It was rated generously by viewers who all seemed to say the same thing: ‘It lacked X, but this was made up for by Y’. Some of the absent X factors were truly scary scenes, non-stereotypical characters, depth, and horror. The Y factors present were humour, twists, and dollops of fun. As one reviewer put it, the movie seemed to be making a concerted effort to please audiences without doing anything to push them away. This seems like an unnecessary compromise of the aspects that could have made it truly great.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat, another 2021 release, was negatively reviewed by critics and audiences alike. The latter found the storyline on the light side, with no proper introduction. The makers obviously felt that it was all about the game and that the explicit violence and extreme fight scenes provided the necessary elements for fans of the game. The critics were less kind. They viewed Mortal Kombat as failing in direction, acting, script, and solid characters. The special effects were seen as wasted on an overall poor delivery and the movie was over-reliant on the fight scenes. One word that was used repeatedly to describe Mortal Kombat is ‘bland’. Fans of the game are advised to stick to their Gaming Tablets and bypass the movie.


If you’re looking for an adult movie based on a video game, this isn’t it. The dialogue is terrible, and its subplots seem to have been written by different writers with no attempt at fusion. While The Rock is not known for his ultra-intelligent movies, his performances are generally more enthralling, and his presence is enough to uplift the fighting scenes. Perhaps this movie should have been served up as a cartoon for the kids. The audiences were kinder than the critics, describing Rampage with appellations such as ‘childish’ and ‘lazy writing’, while one commented that it was not even fit for kids.


The 2022 movie, Uncharted, was criticised for everything from its name to its simple lack of any scene worth remembering. Despite the cast, the movie is undefinably lacklustre. If it tried to follow in the footsteps of adventure-action movies like Indiana Jones, it failed miserably. Audiences claimed to be bored. A few good moments do not a movie make.

The four movies reviewed here were rated in the top twenty of videos-turned-movies. As can be discerned, they did not fare well with audiences and came in for a lot of negative comments from the critics. Perhaps games should remain games, and movies should remain movies, and never the twain shall meet.